Foam presents: Fashion & Foam


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Moam Foam
On Thursday, 10 January 2013, photography museum Foam opens the exposition Fashion &Foam: a unique combination of photography and fashion. Foam is one of of my favorite photography musea. So I will defiantly tend to go!
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5 Tips against a hangover


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We like to party, at least I do! And sometimes I like a drink too. But I don’t really like the feeling I have next day, when I have a hangover. Luckily I found out a few things about hangovers and how to prevent them, or make them worse when you have one. Check out my 5 tips below against an hangover. Continue reading

Angelina Jolie [1]


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Angelina Jolie, of course a woman who cannot be missed in the section ‘Muses of all Time”. I love her! I chose for a few photo’s who are less known, photo from the younger and softer Jolie. I love all her roles in the different kind of movies she acted. But my favorites are still Gia and Girl, Interupted. See the beautiful fence scene with Elizabeth Mitchell in the movie Gia below (and more info on Jolie).
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2012: Most lethal year for journalists


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This year (2012) is the most lethal year for journalists. This year is not even over and already 128 journalists got killed. The most lethal country at the moment for journalists is Syria (38 deaths). These numbers are published on the website of the International Press Institute (IPI). The most dangerous regions are the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Its a gym affair: First day


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Who doesn’t want the rock hard body of Beyonce?! She works hard for it, I’ve read she works out everyday. Just like Doutsen Kroes when she is preparing for a Victoria Secret show. Okay, well, that is maybe not possible for me. But I decided to go to the gym today, right .. I’ve been to the gym before, yes of course, but this time it is going to be serious. I was a bit sick this week, but now there is no excuse anymore.

Like a lot of people I keep a large eye on celibrities and there body’s (body type, beauty etc.). And I am always read about there secret workout schedules. This will hopefully inspire me enough to do the same.

I will keep you updated on my gym affair, hopefully I will pull  through. Do you guys have any tips as a workout?


Internet-freedom: Delete Control


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Delete Control
Delete Control is a new Dutch charity a really beautiful and important initiative of the organisation Hivos. A innovative Dutch non-governmental organisation inspired by humanist values. Together with over 850 local organisations in developing countries, Hivos seeks to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world. They made a very inspiring video on internet freedom. (see below)!

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