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Diagram of human skin layers

I read a lot of stuff about beauty and about skin issues. I have a lot of problems with my skin myself (tired skin, chronical eczema, dry skin, sensitive skin etc.), so I am always looking for sollutions. I tried a lot and these are my 5 tips what worked the best for me!

Tip 1: Stop scrubbing!
Never scrub your skin, you ruin your top layer. Expeccialy when you have a sensative skin, just like me. If you ruin your toplayer, your pors get filled with dirt rom the outside.. If you want to do something about the top layer of your skin, please use a nice soft peeling.

Tip 2: Clean your pillow sheet!
Clean your pillow sheet every 3 days. Every person leaves dead skin everywhere, and on your pillow sheet it says put. When you sleep on it, it will get back on your clean skin. With that your pors get really, really dirty.

Tip 3: Sleep!
Sleep at least for 8 hours! Sleep is so important for you skin. If you sleep enough it will stop vains t “pop”. You won’t get the red spots in your face, when you sleep well. If your REM-sleep is upset there are a lot of skin problems you develope.

Tip 4: Drink a lot/ Don’t drink a lot
Drink a lot of water, drink a minimum of 2 liters a day. You will see the difference and it is really easy if you just take a bottle of water with you. You can just make a refill in the bathroom. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol though, it will dry your skin out, for real! Also it will ruin your nightrest and you could really use your night sleep (see Tip 3)

Tip 5: Do not grease up!
Don’t use greasy day and night cream! Of course you need a cream, but please take notice of you skin type. Please test different kind of cream and don’t be satisfied with the first cheap creme you can get your hands on.