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Both male and female reporters in conflict areas have to be very carefull when they work. But acording to a new book: ‘No Woman’s Land’, female reporters have to be extra carefull. The book was presented on monday decembre 3th, on the anual ‘Meet the press’ event in The Hague in Holland. The first copy was handed out to the mayor of the Dutch city.

The book is filled with story’s from female reporters in conflict areas.
The thought and words of these women were collected shortly after the violent sexual assault of CBS correspondent Lara Logan by a crowd of men as she reported from Cairo’s Tahrir Square in February 2011. Logan also wrote the foreward to the book. A lot of female reporters face the danger of sexual assault or other kind of violence. The money they are going to earn with the selling of this book, is going to be used for training for women who are planning to go as a reporter to a conflict area.