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I am quite aware that a lot of people know Terry Richardson and his work, but I thought he is still worth mentioning here. He has the power to get the most beautiful girls in front of the camera. Sometimes even butt-naked. Even though he is just a skinny “funny-looking” man. Some people may say he is a hipster, and yes he works with a lot of hipstermodels and maybe he looks a bit hipster as well.

Terry Richardson explores the ideas of sexuality in his work  and work with a lot high profile celebrities and porn stars. One of my favorites is Lindsay Lohan. He worked a lot with her! And I am loving it! He grew up in Hollywood, so maybe that is why he has such a big fasination with Hollywood and her celebrities. He is also well known for posing with his subjects, often trading his trademark glasses with them so they may “pretend to be him” and vice versa

One of his famous quotes about the fashion world is also quite sexual: “It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow.