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I made a slight mistake when I thought that I went to a thriller movie,
when I went to the movie “The Bay” today … This is really not a thriller, this is a horror. It is a grose movie, but yet not to grose to be quite believable. :-p Normally I walk away with horror movies but this one I wanted to see untill the end. I really “enjoyed” it. Check out my opinion and the trailer below!

The story is told by a young journalist who did an intership during 4th of July festivities. This 4th of July turns out totally differently. This movie has a real feel, because its shown to us like it is a documentary. The movie starts off with a skype conversation, with documentary makers and a interviewee. It like you are in the middle in a real story, you can get foolt

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. Later on the footage is filmed by the journalist, by peoples camara or filmed out off a police car. Maybe you aren’t really a horrorlover, I am not a horrorlover but I strongly recommend this movie.