Poetry: Entangled


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Kathy Hary - Entangled

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Doutzen Kroes [1]


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Doutzen Kroes is one of my favorite models, I just love the Victoria Secret shows,
and the fact that Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model (I’m Dutch too) gives me a proud feeling (strangly enough..). I love the fact that she is toned and healthy at the same time. Thats why she is one of my ‘Muses of all Time”.
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Alice in Wonderland shoes


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I just love the Disney movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and the movie with Johnny Depp. I just discovered a few days ago the lovely shoes of the brand Taylorsays, then it started me thinking .. maybe there are more Alice in Wonderland shoes .. And well, YES, there are! And the fact that there were more shoes like these,  made me very happy.
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Doutzen Kroes for Vogue UK (January 2013)


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Okay okay, I know .. maybe I am little bit late with mentioning about these pictures. I still think they are worth mentioning. Doutzen is so trim and fit and I just love the clothing. These pictures inspire me to go to the gym some more.
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Shakira pregnant & proud and hubby Gerard Pique topless


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Earlier I posted the lovely pictures of pregnant Marissa Miller, in that post I also showed you the photo’s of other celebrities who gone ‘naked’ with their baby-bump. I really like the fact that these girls are really confident with their bodies, and pregnant and proud!
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I experience the same so many times … Awesome poem on this subject.

Feminist Activism

Freedom of speech?
How about freedom of the streets?
You’re free to get your dick sucked
So how am I not free to breathe?

All your “Hey babys!” are leaving me weak in the knees.

But it’s not in a good way
It’s not how you want
Because cat calls in general
Just feel like taunts

When you yell from your car
Or whistle in the street
What you’re really saying is:

“This place is for me.”

Women and girls treated like property
And your attitude towards us leaves our souls in poverty.

Everyday we face you
Everyday we hate you
Everyday we wish
We wish
We wish we could erase you!

Ok maybe not you, that’s taking it too far
But your ideas and your sexism spewed from afar.

Do you get it now, how unsafe we feel?

Street harassment is hate and your hatred is real.

So what…

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Why I love water


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Healthy water

I love water, really! I try to drink 2 / 3 liter a day, and don’t drink any soda.
Also I like to drink tea, and sometimes a small espresso. I found this lovely picture of water on facebook (a post from a friend), and now I really know why I love water. And of coarse it is good for your skin. What is your favorite drink, water too?

Plastic surgery: Robin McGraw


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Normally I not such a gossip-kinda girl … Oh wait I am ..  I was reading some stuff and I found out something horrible … The wife of Dr. Phill did something terrible to her face. Whats up with beautiful women who tend to ruin their faces with plastic surgery. I am not against it, but enough is enough okay?! I think with the before photo she already had some work done, but it looked kinda nice still.
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